About Me

I was born in New Orleans, and was raised by my mom across the street from the St. Thomas Housing Projects. Growing up, I struggled in school with academics, but found that I excelled in music and the arts. In New Orleans, it's easy to surround yourself with music and art of all kinds - whether it's things that I learned in school, saw in museums and galleries, or would notice in the people and the space around me. It wasn't until I was in my late thirties that I was diagnosed with dyslexia. Being dyslexic accounts for the way I look at things and am able to interpret things - words, shapes, and meaning. While dyslexia is considered a disability, I consider it a boost to my abilities, and feel blessed that I am able to see the world the way that I do.

Each one of my pieces tells a story, and all of my stories are influenced by my New Orleans heritage. When you say that you are from New Orleans, it means many different things to different people. For me, New Orleans starts with growing up in the 'hood and being in the marching band; it's the Indians coming out on St. Joseph's Day to battle; it's the actual battles that happen around us every day; it's the internal battles I've struggled with in order to be an artist. New Orleans is my home - from the brass bands and music that fills our streets, to the smiles of people in the street. There is diversity that lives here that doesn't live in many other places. I strive for all of these things to be reflected in my work, and to continually bring my art to higher levels.
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My name is Darrin Butler I'm a multi medium artist
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